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          Rayzist Photomask

          The world's leading manufacturer of Photoresist Films and Sandcarving Equipment.

          Our position within the industry affords us the advantage of scale, but it is our approach to serving you, our customer, that sets us apart.

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          Need product assurance before you order? See the Rayzist online stores Product Reviews where our customers are helping others make an informed decision about our products and services by providing their personal reviews.

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          What is Sandcarving?

          Sandcarving can be referred to as sandblasting, engraving, glass etching, sand etching, All of these terms are synonymous and general in use. Sandblasting has been around for many decades in the decorative and architectural industries.Picture a glass trophy that has a design etched or engraved in its surface. Sandcarving, also known as sandblasting, is the process used to produce that effect. It is one of the simplest and most accessible methods for personalizing or decorating glass, crystal, marble, stone and other surfaces.

          What we do and history…

          Rayzist Photomask is a direct manufacturer of sandcarving systems also known as sandblast equipment, sand blast equipment, sandblasting cabinet, sandblasting machines, glass etching equipment, sandblasting cabinets and sand carving equipment is designed specifically for personalization on a multitude of surfaces.
          Sandcarving film which is referred to as, photoresist, sandblasting film, sandblasting material, photo resist, photoresist film, foto resist, photomask, sandcarving film, mask, stencil, templates, sandblasting material, etching templates, etching material, and engraving film. SR2000 and SR3000 photoresist film is manufactured by Rayzist Photomask these two sandblasting photoresist films, allow you to achieve not only the most intricate detail but, has a durability that is second to none and allows you to achieve agenerous depth to most any surface while engraving. This versatile sandblasting film is also great for multi level stage carving, gold leaf and paint fills. Stencil making for this industry began with designing, tracing, and then hand cutting or machine plotting; this was the process of creating a template for the engraved image. Photoresist was first introduced into the market in the early 1980’s. The ability to produce photographically rather than manually revolutionized the sandcarving industry.

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